A Little Lawn Decoration



Before I show you the item, here’s a little background:

About 20 years ago the two elms in our front yard (pretty big trees) both died, one after another, from Dutch Elm disease. My husband cut them down, leaving about a 12" stump. Over the years stuff has grown up over the stumps. Mostly honeysuckle. The living debris accumulated and grew over the years (despite my objection) because they shelter little bunnies and birds. It got to the point were we named them. In this photo, “Uncle Fester” is on the left and “Cousin It” is on the right.

“Cousin It” is a massive bush now and home to lots of birds. But “Uncle Fester”, true to his name, has been a real eyesore and very scraggly. After considerable encouragement from me and the neighbors, my husband agreed to take him down. He put in a whole day cutting away all the debris. Amazingly, the 12" stump was completely gone and replaced by nice dark topsoil. He put on a layer of sod (any hints at keeping it alive would be much appreciated), and I decided to memorialize Uncle Fester with a little token:

Engraved and cut from PG Draft-you-know-what, using default settings. The design was based on some joke monuments I found with a Google search.


What a great idea! :grinning:
(Just frequent waterings on the plug at first to let the roots work their way down.)


Um… there’s something in this picture other than the piles of debris that demands explanation.


Thanks, we’ll do that!

Oh…that. My husband’s idea of a cool July 4 decoration due to having a huge sack of packing peanuts. Strangely, the neighbors never commented on that…


Nice way to remember a large part of your yard.
For the sod…remember…it does not need to be mowed for months. You might not now it until spring. It really hurts sod to b empower too early and many people do.


ROTFLMAO! That is exactly like my wife sounds in regards to some of my projects :joy:


So love your little monument!

A landscaper friend once put some sod in as a surprise for us where we had some work done at the front of the house. He said it had to be watered for a lengthy period of time at least twice a day.

As in, when you think it will probably float away … continue to give it more water.


Rest in peace, Uncle Fester!


Very cute. The lawn looks much bigger from this perspective!

And the kids sing: It all began it started, When Uncle Fester . . .


Probably autocorrect messed it up, the kid in me says it begins:

The Addams Family started when Uncle Fester …

And in the 50 years since it was penned, the satire has, rightfully, become non-PC.


I don’t remember any of that–now I have to go look it up…


Gosh, I’ve been singing it wrong for fifty years!


Okay, I did a search, and that was a verse I never heard! I live a protected life I guess.


I sang that version to my Dad when he tucked me into bed one night when I was little. He was not amused.