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Night Shift is a feature from Apple that’s now on all devices (phones, tablets, laptops and desktops) - you can enable it on a custom schedule, or have it follow sunset/sunset for your location (not just time zone). It shifts the whites to a warmer tone (and you select how much) as it gets dark. Not white on black, but noticeably easier on the eyes…


That’s pretty handy…hadn’t tripped over that yet, but it’s set up now! :sunglasses::+1:

More importantly, it helps to keep you from screwing up your circadian rhythm.

Blue wavelength light is what lets your brain know it’s daytime and you should be awake. These days we constantly bombard ourselves with blue light – electric household lights get turned on after sundown, TV / computer / tablet / phone screens, are FULL of blue, etc.

It’s no wonder insomnia rates are as high as they are!


That and waiting in vain for a Delta IV Heavy to launch…

Didn’t really pick out anything I could call part of the Perseid Shower either…

Update: The second time was the charm, still none of the Perseids though.

I get to sleep the night through tonight :slight_smile:


Most of my lighting is automated now, and as well as mostly soft/warm white led bulbs, I have color changing accent lights that I can set to a lovely “sunset” hue. Very calming in the evenings…

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Huh. I use a computer for 10 hours plus per day, and my smartphone. And I’m asleep like a baby when i put my head on the bed… bless you sleep number bed - and I sleep till my alarm goes off, about 7 hours later…

Good for you, John, but it’s science, not opinion, that shows exposure to daylight wavelengths can disrupt the circadian rhythm that allows our brains to prepare for sleep, specifically by preventing the creation of melatonin that makes us sleepy to begin with.

Some people are more affected by these external factors, some are less. Most fall into the former camp.

… and again we are so far off-topic I wonder which forum I’m on!!!


That should be your first clue that you’re on the right forum

I’m pretty sure off-topic is a rule :wink:


I have this sudden vision of several games of table-tennis being played in different directions across a large circular table.
(The net would be tricky, but I’m sure someone will quickly suggest a solution !)
John :upside_down_face:


Just a coffee can or 1gal paint can… and if you end up in it, it’s your turn to remove a piece of clothing…


What forum was this again?


Lol, started as a community catalog suggestion now this.

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Dude, you’re acting like this was your thread!

Oh, wait…

Carry on :slight_smile:

You’re one of the lucky ones! If I could get all my patients sleeping, I’d probably put myself out of business.

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Channel the engineering side of yourself. Amazing how fast people start nodding off when engineers begin explaining things! :smiley:


I resemble that remark…


I know from experience too…


I find the Solitaire game on the tablet very good for that. It is timed so it takes full attention that leaves no room to think about other things.


This made me a laugh. Our son-in-law (mechanical engineer) designs the platforms for enormous tower cranes. Because his work employs the use of concrete, he was asked to give a talk this past May near DC to a group at the American Concrete Association. He ran his presentation by us first, his family, before heading out and I actually was fascinated by seeing what he does for a living…but just hearing the subject matter mentioned is enough to put anyone to sleep.


Huh. I had forgotten about this:

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