A long long time ago

I have an ear worm of that song right now (American Pie). Sorry.

But really, a long long time ago.

A long time ago (Aug 2017) in Glowforge land, just a few months after production machines had started shipping, they introduced additional user accounts, which means you could invite someone to be a user on your machine and they could send a print while the lucky Glowforge owner hit the glowing button and babysat it. @joe asked if I wanted to try something, and I said sure, let’s do it.

Joe added me and I uploaded my very first picture - a picture of a sable antelope that I had from a trip to Africa. He said it was printing away. I trusted him. All done he said! I’m not sure what we got back, but it wasn’t by any means a sable antelope.

Admittedly, now I know, that it was a pretty tough photo.

I decided to upload that image and run it again today. A little bit of a difference, I’d say. The more we know… try, try again. All of that good stuff.

Our first Forging with Friends

The actual image

Today’s run


Now I have that song in my head!!

Great improvement!


That was my evil plan :joy:


You stinker!! lol


amazing what practice and a little knowledge can do for something like this. there were a lot of cool things done 2 years ago, but as people have gotten to know the quirks of the GF (and as our membership here has gotten more knowledgeable about lasers in general), the kinds of things people are doing is getting even more interesting and better.


The pre-release time and that first summer, there was a lot of generosity from lots of folks sharing and getting to know the Glowforge. I still feel honored that @takitus and @jules remoted into my computer and did a test drive on the GFUI.


Pretty amazing progress, I’d say. I like that dither you are using!


With age comes knowledge


Looks like a good example for folks trying to figure if Vary Power is better than Dithering or the reverse. :upside_down_face:

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You learned a thing or two!

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Be nice or we’ll start filking and, you’ll have weird lyrics stuck in your head. :grinning:


Too late! (Looked up filking.) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: