A look at a production GF demo


I had the opportunity to go to the Bay Area Maker Fair and meet Dan and the :glowforge: team. I put together a little video to finally show my friends and family the machine and thought you might enjoy seeing it too. And yep, these are the new production models ready for shipping!

That’s Danny you hear in the video and he helped me cut my very first ever :glowforge: creation. He was gracious, kind and genuinely excited to cut my design for me. Thanks Danny for sharing in my joy. The other guy you hear is my chef hubby getting his name tag cut and asking what food he can cut with my GF lol.

There’s a little peek of some of the PRU work I saw at BAMF too. (Unfortunately my phone died before I got pics of all the booths. I’m sorry I couldn’t include them all.)

(I know the design is a bit “different”. It’s part of a Day of the Dead series I’ve done. :slight_smile: :skull:)


Nice! Thank you!


This is great!! We need videos like this to show people how the unit works!


Nice job! It’s clear you had a great time!


Great video! (It’s funny how even though I’ve got one sitting here, it’s still fun to watch one work.)

Love looking at the projects too! :relaxed:


Thanks. That was a joy to watch :slight_smile:





So they were able to add the cut out to your drawing ?


Yes. I wasn’t paying attention on how he did it, but somehow Danny put an contour cut line around the whole design. All I know is I was talking to hubby. When I turned around there was a pink outline around the design and Danny asked if I wanted it cut out. I said yep and it worked. Damn distracting hubby lol.


Happy CakeDay @kittski! :balloon::sparkles::dizzy::boom:

All he did was click on the area outside of the doggie. It adds a cutline. (Yep…that easy.)


Wonderful! I got to see the results in person too - so cool.


It’s lovely to see my puzzles featured so prominently on Marion’s table! :smiley:


Danny? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@dannyc ? (Customer satisfaction team…reviewed our work on the Training Team stuff.)


Hi lol :slight_smile: we have a lot of Dan’s, Danny’s, Daniel’s at our office. Official count is at 5. Plus we also have a Dane :upside_down:


I sneakily clicked the space outside of your design. This created the cut line in pink!

It’s pure madness how quickly you can create cuts using Trace. :runner: :dash:


So if I already had a design on a piece of wood and waned to cut it out (slight offset outline). then I could “scan” it with the Glowforge ™ turn off the engrave design and click outside to make a cut outline?


Ah. I thought that was more of the Wanka man himself :slight_smile:


LOL, nope, not the head Wanka. It was Dannyc. :slight_smile: (Wait, if Dan is Wanka, does that make Danny and the others Loompas?)