A lot of Materials are out of stock

I would love to order a lot of material like the Clear acrylic or plywood but every time I go to the shop its always out of stock.
Can I buy in bulk?
When is most of everything going to be back in stock?

For now where else can I buy Clear acrylics and Plywood. 1/8" ?

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Search the forum for “acrylic source” and “plywood source”. Tons of threads to get you going.

As for when it’ll be back in stock they aren’t saying.

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Any links you can give me? That will be great. :slight_smile: I’m searching

They’ll all be in those other threads, no need to start them up again here. “<whatever> source” will find you so much on just about anything you might want to laser.

Also if you’re canadian or euro, you can try limiting it by region, “plywood source canadian” etc.

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Just heard a story on NPR–EVERYONE is going out of stock for clear acrylics and plexiglass given the skyrocketing demand due to C-19 barrier uses, and manufacturing/supply chain is not able to ramp up to match demand (yet)!

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Yep…I ordered from EStreet a couple weeks ago, went to their website today to check on my order and there is a notice at the top of the page saying that orders are not likely to ship in fewer than 4 weeks…

Good to know. Thank you

That makes sense. Thank you.

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