A "Luigi" Board

I work with a guy named Mario and one day I got inspired to make this. The board is engraved onto the back of a sheet of clear acrylic. Painted it black before removing the protective film, then painted it white AFTER removing the film. Some self-adhesive felt helped finish and protect the back side. The pointer is 3D Printed (Although I’m planning on printing another one with no text, then engraving directly onto that with my Glowforge…)


I think you forgot the picture. :woozy_face:

Took a minute to figure it out - Should be there now…

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Haha—super cute.

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Nice clean engraving.

Hahaha “wedgie board!” :joy: :sweat_smile: :rofl:


Your friend is going to love this! Fantastic job!

“witch or vegan”

Witch or …vegan??

Also now I’m totes calling them Luigi boards!

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Update: Printed another pointer with no graphic and then used the Glowforge on that (Haven’t decided how I want to fill the text yet - the white is from the laser engraving)
3D Printed:

3D Printed with laser engraving:


This is hilarious! I feel like it needs to be part of Robert Murch’s The Talking Board Museum collection! A neat little museum dedicated to all the different boards and their history, as well as how their audience changed over the years. He designed the “Stranger Things” wall letters, and has them displayed, all twinkly like.

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