A Mandala of Light

Whoa – that’s mesmerizing…


That is really awesome, and the video helps to show just how cool it is! As another suggestion, having the light strips in the top instead of along the bottom? Might make the wiring a bit more difficult, but I am guessing it would hide the view of the LEDs straight on. Or is that more an artifact of the camera and you don’t really notice in real life?

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It’s really line of sight dependent. If they were up top, you would still see them depending on the angle. I might try a diffusor of some kind, if it doesn’t dim the light too much. It might even things out.


Fantastic! Well done.

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The color changes really change what shows. Awesome!


This is SPECTACULAR! Can you explain how you incorporated the Arduino and LEDs? Is it an Arduino micro? And how is it powered?

Sure! It’s an Arduino Nano powered by a 5v 10amp adapter I got from Ali Express

The LED strip is standard WS2812B I think it was this one

The strip powered off the power supply as well and is cut into short strips of 4 rows with 4 leds in each row. The data lead is fed from the Arduino.

The Arduino code sets up 4 gradients and assigns one to each strip. (DEFINE_GRADIENT_PALETTE lets you set a start and end color, which it then breaks into 255 steps, gradually moving from start to end) The loop just steps through the gradients and changes the lights on each strip.

Does that make sense?