A miniature Plague Mask

I enjoyed seeing the work of others, here, making the plague mask. And just so happens, DieselpunkRo is giving away a free template for a mini version.

I thought it would be a good chance to see how hard it would be to convert the template to a svg. It wasn’t too bad but, then again, it is just a one page template.

So here is my completed Plague Mask key fob, made with Proof grade medium natural leather.

Edit: I didn’t have the proper sized thread, so I had to double the thread over. So the stitching could look better.

Thanks for looking.


Great work!

Very cool!

Cute in a weird way!

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It just so happened to be the perfect size for my wife’s bunny. Now he will be protected…or at the very least he can transition over to Halloween. :slight_smile:


I’m actually mid-process of converting DieselPunkRo’s full size plague mask to svg and prototyping, it hasn’t been too bad but even with some skills it takes a few hours. Here’s one prototype that seems to cheer people during this dark time.


Timely indeed.

Thank you for posting this. I have wanted to try some leather work for a while now, but always felt intimidated by it. I’ve had all the tools I needed, just wasn’t sure how to get started. I decided to give this a try and it worked out really well. His video was great - walked through every step. Thanks again. Couldn’t be more fitting for right now. I think this will be our 2020 christmas ornament. :smile:


Looks freaking awesome,
by chance can you show underside of mask?


Very cool!. I love the color.

Here is the underside. I had purchased a set of veg leather scraps from a FB laser and leather group and this green seemed like a good choice for this mask.


Very cool

Very kewl and thank you

So I purchased DieselpunkRo’s latest Plague Mask design and converted the files. I cut it out of craft foam and glued it up Really Quick (so it has some flaws) just to determine scale.