A new era of prototyping

I’ve been working with a local Philadelphia fashion company. Started with business cards, wooden business card boxes, and product tags. Now we’re collaborating on a full fashion set. Someday I’ll post pics of it all when it’s all finished. Made this post more to reflect upon how convenient, easy, and efficient the prototyping stage is with the Glowforge. When I pre-ordered I was thinking about it opening up more advanced designs, cutting down on production times, and making a lot of things more accessible. Didn’t even think about the prototyping stage being incredibly simplified which is so wonderful.


Fantastic! Can’t wait to see them. :grinning:


You got that right!


Prototyping. Hmm…

I’m trying to get my daughter to think about GF things to make. Maybe, if I mention fashion design. We go to the Drexel University fashion show every year and it has inspired her. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the GF.

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Bracelets are a great starting point. To be honest it’s kind of crazy how quickly you can make an impressive piece with just a little Illustration knowledge. With leather I would recommend not exceeding 7-8 oz or 1/8" thickness. Thicker than that it’s very hit or miss if you get a clean cut. I haven’t experimented with it but I’ve seen a lot of posts of earrings that are made of wood, seems like another good starting point.

I’ve started making a test piece with thick paper. What looks good on a computer screen doesn’t always look good in real life. Helps to cut down on waste.

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Thanks for the info. I bought a book about working with leather. Reminds me of middle school, we had a whole marking period of leather working. Wish I knew where those tools were now. I also just bought a big bag of snaps from buckleguy.com, but I really haven’t been able to get my head around weights. I’m going to have to make the jump.