A new evolution has been discovered



So after many many hours and weeks and even months of training, the internet has found proof that not only are pokemon are real, but that hedgehogs are pokemon. Here’s what they turn into:

and a countdown for a jules squee in:


Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :smile::rofl::squeeee::squeeee::squeeee::hedgehog::hedgehog::hedgehog:


it’s fun sitting here watching you submit edits to add more emojis and boldness. lol


:smile: I can’t do it one-handed, and my hands were full. (But that was worth bolding)


have to train the cats to work with you instead of against.


I tell you what, for a feral cat that absolutely doesn’t trust hoomans, that little Demon sure does demand a lot of attention! :cat:


So Demon has become an inside, or at least part-time inside, cat?


Yeah, the neighbor who tried for temporary ownership finally threw in the towel, and we refunded him the cost of having her fixed.

Her favorite trick is to jump on the arm of my chair, run up my arm and park herself either on my chest or shoulder, and stick her butt in my face, purring like a freight train.

(Her second favorite trick is taking a stroll across the keyboard when I’m typing. I think she has delusions of being an author.) :smile:

But try to catch her when she doesn’t want it?..No human being is fast enough. Absolutely has to be on her terms.


Oh taking her to the vet will be fun.

Looks like someone will be asking the chain maille experts here for advise. I’m thinking the boiled leather armor that goes under is what you’ll be looking for. Other option may be motorcycle leathers. Also, shark gloves.


We need to take her in one of these days and have one of her claws looked at, it’s growing in. (Probably going to need to have that one removed.)

That will put her down to 13 on the front paws.