A new home for Prometheus


The particle board desk that was the temporary home for Prometheus was threatening to collapse so I quickly ordered the parts for a new heavy duty stand from Rockler.

A bit pricey but well done. Over time it will get shelves or drawers, I just had to get it moved before that old desk collapsed.

I opted for casters as my forever unit will be a pro and I want to be able to slide it out quickly for long peices.


That looks nice and sturdy! :slightly_smiling_face:


Great minds! Named mine Prometheus too!


I’ve got another name for my forever unit that I have not heard anyone have.


You have the flex vent branched?


No, just looks that way in the photo.



LOL, I was more thinking in the Athenian tradition. The one that stole fire from Mt. Olympus and gave it to man.


I might just keep MakForge for the forever Glowforge but Celebrimbor who forged the rings of power is still in the running.
Fëanor would be best but doesn’t want to mess with typing the umlaut.


I’ve got another name for my forever unit that I won’t announce for fear of it being lifted, I’ll just say it is from the same tradition.
Prometheus seemed perfect for my “primordial” machine.


I contemplated the name “Shadowfax”, but hubs + godson lambasted that one (and then they came up with a truly stupid name).

Still pondering the name of my forever forge, but no solid ideas yet. All I know is that I won’t be keeping the one that they came up with for my PRU! :wink:


Shadowfax is the best! It’s your Glowforge and naming is a big deal!


Naming it is a big deal … but we were all tired when setting it up, and for some reason, that silly detail took more time and energy than anything else (and as you know, without a name, it’s not going online). So I caved and let them pick. I regret that every time I print something :wink:


You’ll have another chance! Or you can just press the button for ten minutes and redo the name when no one is looking!


I’m still trying to come up with one too…I think someone suggested Hedgieforge. Or Smaug. Or Pringles.


Pringles? I remember when they came out. They were the “new fangled potato chip”. One of my long drive snacks, along with Cheetos. Pringles are a lot easier to eat on the road because they have fewer broken bits.


I like Hedgieforge but that doesn’t matter, it has to resonate with YOU.


I’d thought of Pringles - cause no one else is likely to use that one. (I still like them once in a while, and they are great for road trips!) :slightly_smiling_face:

Hedgieforge appeals when I’m in a good mood.


Lightsaber-in-the-Box just doesn’t do it for me. I’m still in-process until it arrives.


the things we do for love!