A new light

Being impressed with the many pieces here with the iron green glass looking Sea Glass Acrylic, and finding a nice stock in the Shop here, I thought to take the cube mood light to a more modern futuristic look.

I first tried it out with those night light stands and though it needs a much smaller stand it looked pretty good…

So I made a light cube with the same pattern. I had considered enclosing the Acrylic in a wood container but seeing it float above the Glowforge I am reconsidering …


Nice going!

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That really does look like old glass. Beautiful!

I wonder if that glass edged acrylic could be tumbled to make sea glass effect?

Oh man…another rabbit hole. I’m still trying to climb out of the last one.
Got to stop chasing white rabbits! :smile:


Thank you i was trying to come up with something to call it beside “the cheap glass that has enough iron to make it green instead of clear”

Interesting factoid - the glass produces went to Coca Cola and explained that sand without iron was expensive and it was iron that made it that ugly green.

What did Coca Cola do about it? They patented that color of green! :roll_eyes:


I love green glass acrylic. Easy to work with - looks expensive - a lot better than regular acrylic

Probably my favourite material.


That is really pretty.

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Me too. I have a bunch of it on hand.

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Nice cube!

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