A New Tool For A New Project

Hello Everyone!
This is a new tool I needed for another project that I will show you in a second and both made on my Glowforge. This circle drawing guide I came up with for a project that required me to make a wooden circular part as accurately as I could as simply as I could. Normally most people (me included) would simply use a nail, a pencil, and a piece of string. The problem with using this method for drawing a circle is that it can be very inaccurate. The string can stretch or slip and the pencil can be difficult to hold perfectly perpendicular to the drawing surface of the part you want to create. Also if you want to duplicate the same part later on you may not have the same results and the parts more than likely will not match.

So with all of this in mind I came up with my circle drawing guide. With this guide I am able to create circles that range in size from two inches to thirty-six inches in diameter. I also allowed the guide to also draw circles in half inch increments.

On one end of the circle guide you can see a single circular hole and a triangular shaped hole. The circular hole is where I slid a small nail through as it is the center of the circle that I planned on drawing. I then hammered the small nail into my 1/2 inch thick panel at it’s center. I then selected the 23 inch diameter hole inserted a pencil and made my drawing. The triangular opening in the guide is simply used to be able to hang the guide up in my workshop.

Along with engraving my circle drawing guide with it’s name I also added instructions on how to use the guide. This way I will never forget how to use it some time in the future. The guide is just small enough to fit into the Glowforge so it can be engraved and cut all in one piece.

Here is the project that i needed the circle drawing guide for. I will post more about that project in a another post. So keep an eye here for that posting as well to see how that was all put together as well. Let me know what you think of my new tool.


Very nice practical cut!


I think this is a great idea. Thanks for showing us.


Great idea!


that is really slick.


Nice reusable jig.

Another good thing about the GF is it’s easy to make one-off jigs for unusual sizes; for example if you need to make a spacer exactly 10.38 inches wide, or an angle exactly 19.2°.


Nice work!


Nice! You could make it doubly useful by engraving (or scoring) a standard ruler on the back side.


I hope you are selling the ruler file. I will purchase it. I love your ruler.