A penny for your thoughts

I am officially done making these penny games for awhile lol. I made so many of them. It is however a really fun game.

Making process:

DIY Kits:

Final Product:

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Looks great! But, how do you play it? :sweat_smile:


You start with 12 pennies each. You roll a dice put a penny in the slot you roll then choose to pass the dice and board to next person or roll again but if you roll again and there’s a penny in the slot you roll you have to take the penny back and all other Penny’s on the board. If you roll a 6 it gets deposited inside the box as that slots bigger. The objective of the game is to be the first person to run out of pennies.


Looks like fun! :slightly_smiling_face:


Neat game! And I like the DIY kit ideal!


Is this game called a penny for your thoughts? Also, based on your description, the only way to get the penny in the box is to roll a 6, correct? So if it is your turn(ie, box and die are passed to you), and you roll a number that has a penny, do you have to take them all, or just the one? Or is the taking of all pennies only when you choose to go again?

Looks like an interesting game! Nice Job.

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yes if you roll a number that has a penny in the slot you have to take all the pennies regardless if its your original turn or if you choose to go again. Then if you get stuck with all the pennies from rolling one in that slot the blank board goes directly to the next person so the next person can “load” it up with there pennies if they want to risk it to pass on to the next person. I think the original name of the game is penny drop.


also if you want to download the files for this I have them here: facebook.com/groups/fscfreefiles


Cute game! There are always pennies in the house.

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