A Phone Stand that will blow you away!

I put a lot of thought into this design. First I was going to make it a charging dock but there are so many of those out there. Then I got to thinking, what could I add to this to set it over the top and not make it a charging station as the cord would just sit awkwardly and would be hard to plug in and out each time. So some creative thinking I decided to make this into an desk organizer/phone stand, but not just any organizer/stand. One that amplifies all of the music and sound that comes from your bottom phone speakers!!! It is so cool.

Anyways what you came for videos and photos:

Video of it in action (sounds even better in person but showed up great in the video as well)

Photos (the sound comes out the front slot and I included two pen holders):


Dude, very nice! Looks awesome


Thank you, I appreciate it.

Super cool.

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Very good work.


Awesome…One piece or glued?

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Thanks, This is actually 5 pieces glued together. with different designs on most layers to achieve the sound.


Nice design!

Wow this is amazing!

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