A Pi Plate

Long before I was brave enough to actually engrave something without the crumb tray, I made a purchase of several items for exactly that purpose. My Army Sister loves to cook and bake for a couple of organizations, but she’s always concerned she won’t get her own serving plates back.

I know 3.14 is still months away, but I figure this will give her time to prepare for my visit, and make something in this dish:

Unfortunately, the maker’s logo was hogging the central real estate.


looks great I’m sure she will love it. What is the plate made from?


I don’t think it’s pyrex or a clone; I think it’s just a good old thick glass pie plate. It engraved really well. I did it twice and used liquid dish soap over the areas that got engraved. There were tiny glass chips in there as others have reported. I used a kitchen sink scrubber to clean it.


Ah that makes more sense, :slight_smile: at first glance it looked like a mirror finish but i can see that your fingers are behind it now. it was slightly breaking my brain a bit hehe


I walked all over teh house looking for a way to prop it up and have the light come through so the engrave could be read. Holding it like that was the only thing I could do. Getting the iPad to focus correctly was a challenge, too.


Very nice! I’m assuming you engraved the back side, in reverse.

One thing to be cautious of though, is using that pie plate in an oven. Back when I was working in a lab we learned about the introduction of flaws in glass that could result in catastrophic failure at the wrong time. If it was true for borosilicate lab glass, I’d think it was even more true for ordinary glass. Just be careful, is all.


That’s what I tell my students when I do a laser class. Tile and other materials seem fine but I know Pyrex and other glass with cuts or scratches can fracture under heat extremes. So I warn them not to engrave anything that they’re going to use to cook with. OTOH, I haven’t seen any specific indication it’s true, just a supposition. But I figure better safe than sorry.


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