A project with a “Loud” look

Sorry for the cheesy titles, I try to think of puns or something funny for each one. Anyway, I made this new head phone stand with optional monogrammed letters and wanted a unique look to it so I had sound waves in mind, obviously this doesn’t look like sound waves but I came up this this from the thought so I could look neat. I was told by Kimberly, who tested it for me, that she already sold 5 of them with in the first couple mins of posting them! So they seem like they are going to be popular.
I made it for 1/8” proofgrade medium plywood. I did some color mockups too for them and they just keep getting cooler and cooler the more that’s added.
It’s been tested with three different types of headphones, including construction ones so it seems to be pretty universal. The widest point where the headphones set is 3.25” so narrower than a head so it should be good to go.

If you’d like to make your own, the digital files/versions are available on freshstartcustoms.com or FreshStartCustoms - Etsy
If you want a physical version please checkout Kimberly’s page to order one there: Dog Hair Designs & Savannah Grace Boutique


I really like this one!


Thank you

At first I thought it was a stand that would amplify the sound of the headphones. :rofl: My husband has these Bose headphones for taking work calls that sit on his monitor now that he’s back at the office…and I didn’t realize that the monitor was charging them.

When I turned off the computer and monitor, I kept hearing a robotic woman’s voice and it was freaking me out-at the time I didn’t realize that it was the headphones or turning off the computer that triggered it…I thought I had a talking smoke alarm somewhere and couldn’t find it…

Anyways, a sound-amplifying stand for those would be cool, when he needs to be on a call but doesn’t feel like wearing the headphones…not really sure how likely that situation is :rofl: :rofl:


Interesting. Never heard of those before. That’s neat.


I don’t think it’s a thing. The cut-outs of your design reminded me of the ones that amplify your phone sound, so on first glance I thought yours amplified the headphone sound. :rofl: :rofl:


Oh I meant your headset that charges by the monitor

Lol. Our monitor just has extra usb ports, so the charger is plugged into one of those. And i have that power strip that turns everything off if the computer isn’t on. I really like those power strips, saves me the hassle of turning everything off individually.


That makes sense.