A proof of concept big and round



I never liked flat as a concept, and I knew that wood under some stress was stronger than when it was not. So I have been playing with a few ideas for a while to make things that were neither flat or limited to the size of the Glowforge bed. So while this is rather crude and basic, it sparks many ideas of things to come.


The one thing I like about our community is that it brings artist, engineers, craftsman, and hobbyist together.


Hmmmmm… Did you by any chance prototype it in mashed potatoes? :laughing:


Some more inspiration for you…


i am still working on having a usable result. At the moment it is looking to be 38" tall and 11" diameter at the base. with the top a bit larger perhaps 11"x 18" ellipse. but it is already implicating a floor lamp.


Yes very nice, Now toss in the scale limitations of the Glowforge of 1/4 inch material 11"x 19" and it gets trickier., particularly with the idea of furniture. But that has been in my thoughts from shortly after ordering Puff.


It honestly looked like it would be a sweet butter churn if you finished the siding and sealed it :sweat_smile: floor lamp makes much more sense


I have a feeling that laughing at your comment may give away my age, but so be it. I did, in fact, laugh out loud. :wink:


Not sure if it is or ever will be finished,but this is for now…

Has anyone else used this joint?
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