A Puzzle Box ... 4 years in the making!

Thanks everyone for the great feedback and really kind words! @hollyong05, @djfb and others have suggested selling the box or plans. Given the effort required to make a box like this (and because I have a day job) I would want to sell a box for something like $1000. (I have no idea what a good price would be for plans.) Are there enough buyers out there at that price? Does anyone have any thoughts or experience that might be helpful? Thank you!

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we are not worthy…


An amazing project, glad you were able to complete it. What a thrilling completion.

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You could probably sell the design for whatever low price you wanted, then after yokels like me attempt to make it, turn around and sell them the completed box for $1000, lol.


Thanks! Yes, I think $1k is way too much. I’ll play around, and maybe work on another with my son!


I wonder if you put one of your boxes up for sale for $1000 (your video shows how truly artistic and wonderful quality of your box.) and see if you’d have buyers interested… .I think the craftmanship is fantastic. I honestly wish I could buy one. So if you do sell one you’ll have to tell us about it!

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I know of several individuals here that sell files, easy. No shipping, so settle on a lower price. It stacks.

Thanks! I’ll try that


so very cool! loved watching all the steps in the video

How flippin COOOOOOL is that. Awesome job. Dad if the year award to you!

Reminds me of a game we had in a youth group when I was a kid. You hooked up some electrodes to your arm… and the timer started running. You had to figure out how to open “The Box” before the timer ran out and it zapped you. We lived on the edge in the 80s.

The Box was eventually retired when it malfunctioned and shocked the living crap out of someone. It was plugged into 110v AC. :rofl:

Never decide your price based on how much you think it’s worth.

I expect you could find a market at $1K. It’s art & puzzle.

Check out the Codex Silenda - several versions well over $1K. There’s a lot of people with a lot of money who collect unique things. It’s just an issue of finding the buyer.

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Wow! That truly is living on the edge. I touched the end terminals of a bank of 9 volts in series once, but that’s nothing next to what you were playing with.

9-volts to the tongue when you have metal fillings is an adventure :stuck_out_tongue:


I do not think 1k is too much, It’s basically a work of art you can customize to the buyer’s initials. I think the plans could be sold at a pretty good price for something so original, one price for personal use only, higher price for commercial use( if you’re interested in selling it as commercial use) and the box custom built by you could go for 1k. You could offer both. Please don’t under value your work, I’ve been looking at/researching puzzle boxes for over a year now and your originality and artwork really makes your box something special. I’ve seen many boxes priced in the hundreds that are not as beautiful as yours.

You have special features I’ve never seen before (the glasses! how did you do that!?!) that makes it worth more. I don’t know the difficulty rating of your box, usually the higher the difficulty, the higher the price, however, the more beautiful, also the higher the price. It is a sequential puzzle box with what, 20 + moves with tools, a maze, optical illusions, gears, magnets, this box has EVERYTHING!

If you really want to sell it, I would suggest not thinking about mass producing it but think of it as a bespoke piece priced accordingly. You know how long it takes you to produce it, that time should be compensated. Add that time up, and you will know what it’s worth.


Just don’t let your son see the YouTube video.

This is amazing! I have no words!