A quick charity auction item - Beware the Bull


My wife informed me we needed to put something in a silent auction for our oldest son’s Project Graduation fundraiser (the after-party after graduation). I had this cutting board from IKEA I’d been wanting to try so I popped it in. It was my first try at working with the tray out. The cutting board was .6" so I pulled the tray, got out several stacks of magnets to get it back up into the focus range. Actually worked fairly well. The only trouble I had was the masking I put on (a med-high tack transfer paper from Signwarehouse.com. I can’t seem to make it stick to any wood piece unless the wood already has a glossy finish, it started blowing off once the air assist moved behind the back edge. Still engraved okay though. The engrave is very deep, well over a mm in most places. Granted, with that deep of an engrave, it’s just a decorative piece, but that was the idea anyway. Cutting a stand for it now.


Very nice!


nicely done. very well laid out


Agree on the layout and positioning, nice work.


Very nice! Have you tried using a squeegee when applying the transfer tape? I’ve found even the little plastic ones make a difference and help it stick down.


Awesome job! Do you know what kind of wood that is?


I have had the same issue with the med tack masking. I’m defiantly going high tack next roll I order.


Looks very professional!


Nope, that side is decorative. The other side is still there to be used :slight_smile:


Wow…this came out REALLY awesome. Excellent layout and execution!


I haven’t. I’ll have to give that a try.

It’s a little bamboo cutting bird from Ikea.


I think this is the same one… IKEA lists it as solid beech. I just bought a stack of them a couple of weeks ago. :wink:


Nice work!
So you use the backside, and store it as a piece of kitchen art. :sunglasses:


I stand corrected :wink: I think I just assumed bamboo. It’s not like I actually read the labels :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: beech engraved nicely!


Also picked up some of these in various sizes, since I really like engraving bamboo…


I got a couple of those too. Haven’t tried them yet.


Fantastic job - Project Graduation just got a heck of a lot cooler!


I agree! My mom painted a picture on her favorite cutting board…used the other side all the time. It lasted for decades!


I’m about to make 3 of these for my friends for christmas, do you recall what settings you used?


Edited out settings. Boards can vary so much it’s usually best to test first anyway.