A quick stencil question


His folks. As I have said in a few posts, my background (and preference) is woodworking. Or woodcarving to be more exact. I am wondering about the vinyl (I tnink) stencil type things people put on their back windows. Is this something that is doable on the GF? Is there a particular type of material to Use? My grandson is firmly planted in the Batman phase so I could forsee that decorating several windows in the family.


If you do a search on stencils you will find lots of discussion about proper and safe materials.
For instance:

And I think there are many folks here who are also firmly planted in the batman phase. :smile:


Thank you.


Unfortunatly most sign vinyl contains pvc which when burned with a CO2 laser produces Chlorine gas which is highly corrosive and quite deadly if inhaled…so its best not.to cut it with the GF…
There are a few alternatives but they are a bit costly…
There are lots of other things and materials you could use instead like acrylic and painted wood etc to make Batman themed projects :smiley:


I bet you could trade laser services for vinyl cutting services. :wink:


Or you could just do both…lol. Vinyl cutters aren’t too expensive… Got 2 of each…lasers and vinyl cutters :smile:


You’re such an enabler! If he is into woodworker I sure he already “invested” plenty into tools. Plus it will eave more money for laserable material.


There is always room for another tool. Or two.


Here are some of my notes, linking to a good forum post which links to a laserable vinyl product:

vinyl alternative for cutting stencils: Vinyl Alternative
which links to: http://shop.square1masterpiece.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=SQ1COLORS


I thank you all for your input. Much appreciated.