A quick Tabs tutorial - Fusion 360

I use a lot of tabs to join pieces together that are not a box. I have gotten this to a pretty simple process and thought I would share it.

First draw a line that represents the edge to have tabs put on it or in it. Then draw one side with the ends joins attached.

Dim the end and remember the dim number in this case d10.


In the sketch menu bring up Rectangular Pattern and fill in as follows. Use your number of tabs and Dimension number.

Copy the edge line up the amount of your material thickness(in my case .197[Lowes 5mm birch ply]).

Break the lines where you need to clean up the lines and then trim.

Voila! Equally spaced tabs across a known edge length. If you want closed tabs on both ends use an even number of tabs. I used an odd number and so I have an open and closed tab on the ends.

Hope this makes Sense. At least it does to me.:sunglasses:


Nice! (Shifting it to the Tutorials section!) :slightly_smiling_face:


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Now make the tab count parametric… :wink:


You know I thought about it but this was all about how to do it with the least number of steps until I have a script ready that will 'just do it". But opening up the parameters to type in a name and a number then attaching to it with more steps seemed wasteful for the want of typing in one number.

But easy to do if someone wants it that way.

But to the point you make … Maybe I should just make the whole thing parametric and post the fusion drawing.
Good point @bbum

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Oy. I didn’t follow this at all. I have a ways to go learning fusion. My lack of knowledge is holding me back. I have to commit to learning it.

Thank you for reminding me. I’m recommitting!

Thanx for this. I bookmarked it and have now gotten to it. I have been doing mine with an additional sketch on the edge. I’m going to do it this way for a while just to see if I like this better.

A few thoughts:

If you don’t use any other named parametric do it for material thickness. Well worth the extra trouble if you ever decide to make it again and your new ply is now .210"! Dimension the offset and these will be self-maintaining.

I’d just make a named parameter for this as well because I can never remember the ones Fusion assigns.

Good Points. I do have 2 that are parametric for the ones that are used regularly. I did not want to confuse any new people wanting to try to do a set of tabs in this tutorial. Parametric is certainly a next step.

Working a F360 full script with Parm input if I can find some extra time somewhere.

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You don’t have to break lines in order to trim them. Just hit T and trim away.


Old cad program habits are hard to break. Thanks for pointing that out. It will save me some time!