A quote in two versions


My assistant requested a wood engrave of her favorite quote for her birthday. I came up with this version first:

(finished with spray lacquer)

But then I found out she was envisioning more of a horizontal format and wanted a “whimsical” font, so I reworked it with her selection from Google Fonts:

(post-alcohol-scrub, not yet finished since it’s currently in clamps drying and flattening)

Both are from mystery 1/4" hardwood I got in a grab bag (box) from Amazon a while back. I like how the grain on the second one looks when engraved. :slight_smile:


i had a similar piece of mystery wood that i engraved the same way (negative space around the lettering) and i really liked the effect as well. it gives it such a nice rustic look.


Well if she doesn’t want that first one…I like the word-art aspect much better. :wink:


@geek2nurse: Sounds like I “re-invented” what you (and not doubt others) are doing after an engrave. After a good scrubbing (typically using ethanol in my case), I clamp the work piece between two boards and wait for it to dry thoroughly. No warping if you are patient enough. :sunglasses:


I like it better, too. Usually I use different fonts, but I got all cross-eyed trying to choose and decided to try it with variants of one font instead. I wasn’t sure I was happy with it at first, but it’s been growing on me. :slight_smile:


@jules has a secret agenda of collecting 1 original item from each Glowforge owner.


Such a nice layout and font work in the vertical.


This is actually true. I’ve gotten quite a few lovely little bits and bobs now. :smile:


Jules and her Glowforge maker’s museum.


I really like the 2nd one!


Oh . . . fun idea, a Glowforge item swap. I’d take part in that.


We did that one Christmas before the units shipped. (I guess it was more of a gift exchange.)

But it was with handmade items if possible. It was a hoot, and we loved seeing all the things people made. :smile:


I’d be up for trading the word art version for a @Jules original of some sort. :slight_smile:


I really like the raised grain on the second one, but I prefer the arraignment of the first. It better reflects the Helter -skelter nature of the dream search… :sunglasses:


Yeah I’m a fan of the word art one as well, but it’s cool to be able to customize to a person’s preference. That grain is amazing!


Plot twist: the assistant is lost working with @geek2nurse. (Sarcasm switch stuck in on mode).

I couldn’t help it. I’ve been too busy to get my GF fix the last 2 weeks


I hope so, 'cause if she ever decides to leave, I have to retire!