A ridiculous equation

OK, everyone, I’m curious what you all think about a very silly plan.

My status: I’m in line for a Basic+Filter from the initial Kickstarter (I’d say about 2/3 of the way through it, so down the queue a bit), with which I’m sure I would be happy. I have not yet received The Email. I have decided that I’m going to upgrade and my wife foolishly said yes in a moment of distraction.

So, I figure that if I do nothing I could get The Email any time between now and maybe even August, at which time I would indicate I want the upgrade. My reasoning is that it’s slightly less time that the extra money would not be in my account earning interest due to my amazing financial acumen (hint: that was a joke). But seriously, the “free loan” for the last 2 years to GF has been the one raised-eyebrow comment my wife has hit me with consistently. She does, in fact, have amazing financial acumen.

Now, I also want to maximize the “delay award” of $20 each month that goes by without The Email. To do that, I should upgrade before The Email comes out, as the Pro queue is going to roll out significantly after the Basic and so the Pro Email would likely come a month later for another sweet $20.

So, to recap for the six of you who haven’t already closed this post in disgust, I want to Upgrade as late as possible to hold onto my money, but early enough that it’s before The Email would have come for the Basic.

Yes, I am trying to game the system for a potential profit of maybe $19.27.

Yes, I could have profited by just upgrading a lot sooner or just by getting the Pro from the get-go.

Yes, it all sounds pretty stupid now that I type it out.

But my ability to feel shame is equal to my financial acumen, so I’m posting this anyway. Hit me.


No “hits.” I try to make my money go as far as I can too. That’s why I didn’t order till later in the game. Just sat watching. Problem is there’s no way to know when the email will arrive. A rather big batch seemed to go out last night. Good news is if you guess wrong and get the email first, you’re only out $20 theoretical of credit . Good luck! :grinning:


There are people who said they got their email yesterday and had ordered in the last few days of the pre-order campaign.
Take that as you want, but it looks like the orders are coming out pretty fast now!


That’s what I need! Actionable Intelligence. Or any kind, really…

I’m thinking I better upgrade…



Do it now.

If you get the email before you decide to upgrade, your clock stops with the first email.


My retirement account, to which I have contributed the maximum amount since 1983, has less in it than I paid. (Would have been better putting the money under the mattress.) So whether the interest matters or not depends on whether you or your wife controls the money. :wink:


Oh, it’s her. We play to our strengths. I’m really good at cutting the lawn and reaching stuff on the higher shelves.


yeah…not sure how much that means in the grand scheme, though, since some users who ordered earlier / basic / US haven’t heard. who knows what factors they’re taking into account (it could come now, quick, op, go spend a buncha money)!


I’d do the upgrade since it is stated you stop receiving the $20 per month once you are notified your unit is ready for shipment weather you accept it or delay.


Doesn’t receiving the E-mail also lock you out of upgrades?

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No, my understanding is that the email is your last chance to upgrade. Geez, someone please correct me if I have that wrong!

I am not sure. I do know (sadly) that answering the email closes the door on upgrades. (I got email and answered just a few days before the announcement of the changes in the Pro passthrough configuration.)

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The email sends you through something we call the “shipping acceptance flow”. $20 bonus ends when you get the email; ability to upgrade ends when you finish the SAF.


Thanks Dan!

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OK, so typing it all out and then hearing from all of you has solidified my plans. I completed my upgrade to Pro this morning. (woo-hoo!) I’ll have a little bit longer of a wait, but I’m sure I’ll be happy with my decision.

I shall now open to a new page in my notebook and start listing projects that the pass-through slots will now allow me to tackle. And I guess this weekend I’ll replan my workshop so I have enough space in front and behind to take advantage of it.

I am very excited.


Love this.


I feel very comfortable being honest with you folks. :slight_smile:


Very squeeeee! :grin: (I’m excited too!)


It’s a rather easy group to converse with, minus one or two of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: