A seedling bench for my wife in our garage

To get ready for the growing season my wife needed a seedling bench. I built one in the garage and took this opportunity to put the Glowforge to work.
I used project wood 1/4” poplar from Home Depot or Lowes.



Ohmygosh, what an amazing bench! Really nice job. I’m guessing you used the passthrough since the pieces look too long for the bed. What is that gridded area in the back for (I know nothing about seedling benches)?

I’m guessing she was thrilled with it.


Thank you cynd11… I have the pass through but didn’t use it for that project as I didn’t accommodate yet the space around it (you need enough room in front and in the back of it ). Instead I pre-cut several bits of 20” long to engrave or cut and then I did put everything together.


So I skipped over this post before because I am not a gardener. Boy was that wrong. That is a very, very nice bench. Too neat though, I could come and mess things up for you! (Should see my garage)


Now that is a nice bench! She will smile every time she looks at it.

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Great fun with Inkscape too? One of the first things I did was those curly leafy things !

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Thanks! There is a radiator there in the garage and I built the bench over it. The grid on the back is to let the hot air through… I do have the Pro but at the time I didn’t use the pass through and cut everything into 20" long pieces to fit inside the GF.