A silly project - Fancy Condiment Holder

I swear we don’t eat fast food that often but somehow we’ve collected a lot of condiment packs and hesitate to just throw them away. Recently I had the bright idea to make an overly fancy holder for them to keep them out of the way. I used the TypeTray option from Gallery - Boxes.py along with a standard lidless box for the outside.


Good looking and practical cut. I love these.

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Cool. I need to use that tray! Thanks!


Not silly at all! Anything that tidies stuff up is always a good thing. Nice work!

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Wow - with the fancy box you might actually be more likely to remember to use those! Or bring them with you the next time you go to a potluck :smiley:

There is a need for that!

Nice! It is our ability to use condiments that makes us human and with a tool like the GF organizing them is super easy! Great job!

That is a very cool overly fancy box! Would make a very nice jewelry box or parts storage box as well.

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Ha. That is original. I could have used thatBra. I once went on a bus trip to Branson Missouri, one of the most common midwest bus trips for the “older” crowd. We stoppped at an Arbys and picked up lunch. They included a huge bag of condiment packages. I had no idea what to do with them after the trip. Case closed with your design. If there is anything I have learned from this forum is that people have different needs and the Glowforge can take car of it. I ended up chucking those packages. Food waste, you have made a dent in it.

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Really nice and clean. I like it. What is the thickness of the material? It looks thicker than 1/4”

What a great idea!!

@djfb It’s 5mm plywood from my local wood supplier.

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