A simply thank you gift

Recently my wife and I decided to move after 18 years in the same home. With Covid going on and all the challenges that entailed, we were very fortunate to find a great realtor that really helped make sure we ended up in a home we love. He went out of his way to make it a great (and safe) experience. As the process was coming to a close, we were looking for a nice way to say thank you and rather than send a card we decided to make him a sign with his logo. We printed it on MDF first, but when we printed it on the PG 1/8" acrylic, we just thought it looked much more interesting. and we think he was very surprised to see his logo this way.

Another fun way to use my GlowForge and at the time when we couldn’t really even go to the store to get a card it was nice to have a way to say thank you in our own personal way.


looks great! Could become a customer from you if you could work out some gifts for his customers.


Good point, so far I have just been making things for fun, but would be great to have a way to fund the addiction. :slight_smile:


Looks awesome :grinning:


That’s a great way to show your appreciation. Nice work! I hope it leads to more for you.


Nice sign! Looks nice and clean.