A "Slicer" for a... Laser Cutter?

Good morning everyone! Just wanted to share this interesting but of news about a software project that will supposedly take an stl of a design intended for laser, and output dxf’s of all the parts.

I have no idea if it really works, but with my hands full with a new 3d printer, I probably won’t be able to give it a try for a while. Maybe one of you fellow “Glowforgers” can give it a go, and if it works out well, put something up in Tips and Tricks for everyone?

Anyhow, hope this tool turns out to be useful for at least someone in the community!


Interesting… Adding tabs is often the dirty work I leave until last. A worthy rabbit hole!


Here is the blog post…


Very interesting! I’ll look into it sometime when I have time.

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Definitely going down this rabbit hole later.

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Already open in a tab. Looks promising!

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