A Small Favor


OK, I have been a bad boy. Have had my :glowforge: for over a month and have not made an escutcheon. I have also put the box away (and wrapped in shrink wrap) at our storage locker. I would like to make an escutcheon shaped like the one that shipped on the unit (and of course, is in my shrink wrapped box!). Can someone that has that piece of cardboard still in hand scan and send to me (yeah, I KNOW the I am being a pain…).

If you can do this, please send to terry.n6mon at gmail dot com.



I don’t have the links in hand right now, but see if you can find other unboxing posts here. A number of
them have pictures that include that cardboard escutcheon thing.


There’s a cardboard escutcheon thing? How did I completely miss this?


I think its more cardstock than cardboard. It basically tells you to go to a certain site to view the start up instructions


I have my piece at home. If you still need it, I will bring it in to work tomorrow and scan it for you.


Thanks, would appreciate that!


I have a feed scanner and it gets confused by the

hole and splits it into two separate files. So I took a picture instead.