A stand for Amex’s bowls

Nothing fancy but made my dog Amex a stand for his bowls. He’s tall and I think I shared the story of him getting hit by a car and running into our yard…$7k later we adopted a dog, hence the name. He blew our Amex up that weekend.

A year later he’s amazing and loving not having to lean so far over to eat.


Nice work, and a big improvement for Amex!


Nice job but you must include a face pic of this lucky boy. Lots of animal lovers on here. :dog2:


My in-laws ended up with a dog the same way! Love his name, and a great looking bowl stand!


Very nice work!


Here he is, a bit after surgery. Still a few marks on his face, most have healed now and he loves running as fast as he can. And the other is the whole fam, with our 7-year old Kiko a Peke puppy mill mama we adopted during 2020. They are now best friends and the little one starts most of the wrestling matches.




looks great

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Beautiful dogs! What is the little character in all the pictures on the wall on the right?

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The monster art on the wall is from Matte Stephens - I think I first ran across him when way back when he lived in Birmingham, AL or somewhere in that area. I think he’s now in the Pacific NW. Love his work!!


Hey, looks great! I also have to build a booth in front of my cat. However, I think I’ll go with acrylic. It’s easier to clean than wood if something goes wrong…
what do you think? :hugs:

It does get messy if the water bowl is too full, so I try not to allow that. I’m not sure what “the booth is” you are referring to…but acrylic would have been nice for this project; just too pricey. I used two pieces of 1/4" maple left over from another project, quartered the cutout circles where the bowls go, and added them to the bottom before attaching the hairpin legs (they needed at least 3/4" screws to be stable). So other than the legs and his existing bowls, it was all leftover material. :slight_smile:

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Awesome bowl. Our dog has the nickname of Rolex by my husband as the amount of money spent on rescuing and keeping him would probably have bought us a Rolex each… I wouldn’t trade him for one and I don’t think my husband would either…


Rolex, love that! We spent a small fortune at emergency vets & surgery. Then we had to put a bigger fence around the yard. Then my VW Golf R was too small (he looked like Clifford in the backseat with his head touching the ceiling), so a bigger car…and with all that, I wouldn’t trade him for anything.

Way back when…I made an Amex Black card name tag for his collar out of black acrylic, just a joke to wear the first time he was healed enough to go out in public - fav local brewery was his first outing, but the tag didn’t last very long.