A talisman to help you overcome resistance


For my fellow electrical engineers.

Using the lotus flower, popular in Hindu Om imagery, I removed the :om: and replaced it with the symbol of electrical resistance (ohm). I also added the ‘E’, ‘I’, and ‘R’ for Ohm’s law.


Not an EE, but that’s still a pretty cool design! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


That’s some really nice three level engraving!


I am one with the impedance and the impedance is one with me.

Very nice.

I noticed that you put ohms law in right so if you cover what you want to solve for you just take the remaining two.


Too hard offering RESISTANCE to giving a ‘like’ for this design. :sunglasses:


Not an electrical engineer … but, this is really cool!


Very nice.

BTW, hello from a fellow EE.


Any ECEs out there?

Went to school for the hardware side of things but ended up on the software side. Never used the hardware training for money :slightly_smiling_face:


Is this something about Electricians ‘enlightening’ things?


Yes, that was the point. I didn’t add the circle and lines one normally sees, as I felt they would distract. Plus, it looks a bit more ‘mystical’ with that font. (IE: Muggles wouldn’t get it, but those of us ‘in the know’ would.). So :zipper_mouth_face:, keep it quiet.


Resistance is futile…

BTW, “Nice job” from another EE.


All these EE checking in would give me a complex except I realized many years ago that a technicians job is to fix what the engineers biffed. :laughing:


I love the texture and different shades on the lotus flower!