A Teacher's First Class Glowforge Assignment: Nameplates

After many months of waiting our school Glowforge arrived just before Easter. After a few preliminary tests I devised a project to test the trace and print feature as I begin to learn how to use Inkscape. I decided on allowing the students to create a name plate. They drew 3 different designs and got to choose 1 design that we printed on 2 1/2"x 5 1/2" x 3/4" Oak.

With a very big stroke of luck I learned that Two 3/4" pieces of oak= crumb tray+proofgrade Oak.

This made my life a million times easier as I was able to just throw in 3 Prop pieces of wood to protect the bed and then the students piece of wood.

To add to the fun I had the students sand with 3 different grit paper, stain, and put poly down to really get some true woodworking skills in. Check out some of the results below.


I love seeing student projects! They did a great job with it! :grinning:

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Looks great! I’m betting it’s a popular class activity.

Maddy really to the project to heart :grinning: