A Tree Made From Some Other Trees



I wrote a procedural fractal tree generator in OpenSCAD designed to produce something resembling douglas fir. To be honest, I’m impressed with how well I did, design-wise, but maybe I’ve been staring at it too long.

It’s probably hard to tell from the picture, but each and every branch is different, and they’re different on each of the six parts, too. No two pieces are exactly alike.

The printing is iffy on the smaller details. Lots of charring. Also my zooms and pews were off, so there’s a lot of scorching on the bottom, despite masking both top and bottom. The top surfaces look great, though.

Update: Here’s the tree decorated and safe in our cat proof vault.


looks awesome. Love that they are all unique


AWESOME! I love using OpenSCAD to make unique parametric random things. I love the subtle variations in your design!


Very, very cool. Merry Christmas!


Beautiful! Merry Christmas!


Very Cool Looks awesome decorated


That looks really great, but is anything truly cat proof?


Fair. Cat resistant?


I’m nearly certain that the string in kitty’s mouth is attached to a small shaped explosive charge on the leg of the cabinet, and that when kitty pulls it, the entire cabinet will come toppeling down.

Well, that’s what our cats would do, anyway.


Turned out beautiful!


Looks great as is… and magical with lights strung!


Definitely magical! Beautiful job on it! :grinning: