A true 3D laser printer. Glowforge just lost rights to that made up name

We have laser cutters. This thing is a laser-enabled 3d printer.


It depends how you define “print” or “printer.” It could be that neither is correct.

I know that this has been discussed ad nauseam on this forum, but the definition of print in the OED is quite loose. The nearest I could find would be “to make (a mark or indentation) by pressing on a surface or in a soft substance.”

Maybe you are right. Glowforge is both a cutter and engraver, but the name “3D Printer” is also obscure. A better description could be either “3D Builder” or possibly “3D plastic parts maker which requires a certain amount of finishing.”

I jest, of course!

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I like your rigor, but I’m still fairly sure the word choice was 100% SEO-motivated. I love my Glowforge and want them to sell a jillion of them, I just inherently scoff at marketing tricks. Probably why I don’t own a successful company :slight_smile:


Still love my GF and that one is way to noisy…

Glowforge was the one who made up that name. They have all the rights to it.

What the MIT team made doesn’t mark surfaces, it only makes them.
Not a printer.

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