A unique signage technique

I came across this and thought it was neat!!


so cool



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That is simply Amazing…thanks for sharing…

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No prob!

Third image confuses me… are the individual slats mobile? It doesn’t look like the middle is just in the dark, it looks to be depressed behind the others. But the perspective shot at the end clearly is NOT just a trick of the angle, that same area is NOT recessed…

I thought the same thing. I’m pretty sure its the lighting. The lights are shinning away from the center. I could be wrong.

Also, look at the ceiling its pretty consistent across.

But man! A moving wall would be sweeet!

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The zoom in on the ceiling is pretty convincing that it is just the lighting.

But looking closer at all of the images I see the seams where they stacked the layers. So this very easily could be done on a non-pro Glowforge. We would wind up with a few more seams than they have, but their one seam is quite hard to notice when looking at the full sign, so having a few dozen wouldn’t likely be an issue.


Oh yeah, I didn’t see the seams! Good catch!! I’ll have to try a mini version of this sometime!

Wow, beautiful–I definitely add this to my “transcends the medium” category.


More joints might even be better, especially if you plan the panels in a way that avoids having the joints line up on adjacent layers (like they do when laying hardwood flooring)


Totally do-able! 1-2-3D Make would actually make this pretty easy if you started with an STL of your goal. Just tell it your material was 1.5" thick so it leaves room between the slices.