A use for glass tiles headed for the dump

Since I work a lot with recycled glass, I decided to see what was possible with some surplus 4 inch glass tiles left over from a back splash remodeling project. This type of tile has a special coating on the back to aid in adhesion to thinset and prevent the thinset from showing through. So essentially I am burning off this coating and just slightly etching the glass. Black enamel covers the white coating to give it a B&W photo look. As always, the quality of the photo dictates the end result. Tiles make for an interesting medium for displaying photos.


Very nice! I bought a few for such experiments but have not made it down the list there yet. Good to see what cn be done, and all the better as recycled!

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Excellent engraving results on those! :grinning:



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I think you have found an awesome materials source. Those tiles are amazing!

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Engrave actually.


I have some similar tiles on hand. Mind sharing your settings as a starting point for my experimentation?

You are cut off!


Wonderful results!

Very Cool! Are you engraving through the white backing and then painting the black enamel or painting the white backing with the enamel and then engraving?

Nice idea. Looks great. What a splendid way to upcycle!

I’ve been musing about doing something like this, but before the tiles become surplus.

Then have the etched tiles installed as part of the backsplash.

First I have to get my GF. It’s arriving today, but I won’t be here to sign for it, so Monday.

I’ve been using glass tiles from Home Depot (they’re pretty cheap) and did a Dispatches report sometime last year using the PRU. But they have a white coating on the back as you describe. But when I laser it, it turns that coating black as if it’s fusing toner on a piece of paper. It doesn’t require a separate coat of black paint on it.

Where did you get your glass tiles? I’m interested in what the difference is. For B&W effects I’d still likely use the HD ones as it eliminates a step but for ones where I might want different colors, then your tiles might be a better choice.

SKU Please…

And a couple of samples.

Try Lowe’s too.