A visit with Sawa

I was very fortunate today. @Sawa invited me to come over and play on his Glowforge basic. He’s only about an hours drive west of me. So I showed up just before noon.
He asked if I had any projects that I had ready to go, and of course I don’t. I’m a first class procrastinator.
Having drug my 16yr old along I thought why not make her a key chain. She’s just started driving and a member of the local rowing club. So we got some art from the rowing clubs web site and within a few minutes Sawa had a Keychain thrown together.
We sat back comfortably on a couch while he worked on what I’d guess to be a 60" monitor

The first push of a Glowforge button for Sophie

And the finnished product

Here’s the very happy owner

Then we went to the kitchen where he whipped up some delicious burgers and headed out to the grill

that’s about as close as I get to a smile in pictures :laughing:
I spent some time admiring his many projects and then we did one more unplanned project. We took the art work my oldest daughter had made for my home brewery. It’s what you see as my avatar. He converted it to gray scale and adjusted levels a bit. We were going engrave it on some acrylic and make an LED sign.
I hadn’t planned on this so hunted down a base on amazon so we could get the proper dimensions to design the cut. Ended up with this one…

I’m sure i could have found a cheaper one but this is the first one I found that had the dimensions listed for the slot in the base

It turned out great. My pictures don’t do it justice. Here’s one while we werestill at his house. Sophie held her flash from the her phone at the base.

And here’s another when i got home and finnished weeding the rest of the masking.

And finally he gave me a box and dice tower to bring home to my son who has recently gotten more involved with Dungeons and Dragons.

If I remember correctly these are not the final iterations. He still tweaking the designs. But my son liked them well enough the he shared pictures with his group.

Thank you so much @Sawa for having us over! And please thank your wife for me again!

Some notes about the machine. Most of what I have is parroting what many others have already said.

  1. No matter how many pictures you see, and no matter how many times you hear it, you cant appreciate how huge this thing is until you see it in person.

  2. There’s a lot of talk about how loud it is. Quite honestly I found it to be much quieter than I expected. We were able to have a conversation standing right next to it without even raising our voice.

  3. While I didn’t use the UI my self, everything seemed rather intuitive watching Sawa navigate through it.

  4. I’m kicking my self because I forgot to ask for a look at the proof grade materials store. :thinking::upside_down_face:


Glad you enjoyed it! I also had forgotten to show you the proof grade I already picked up. The keychain was PG maple ply, FYI to all.

You can always come over again!

Btw, you are well to flattering, it is only a 46" TV.


men are great at overestimating size.


So much fun!! Great to see all these Glofolk meetups!

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Careful – that was me and then I got involved in games professionally. Try to nudge him towards a more sane career, like insurance salesman or forensic accountant.


That was really cool of you, @sawa! Love the results.

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Got the base I ordered today. Looks pretty good.



you should have tried to laser the burger patties, I hear they are tasty.