A wild GLOWFORGEPRO appears!

My laser shipped! It’s at my house ready to be set up! Meanwhile I’m on the other side of the Pacific for work… of course.

My plan is to fly home on Friday, get at least some sleep, then do the setup on Saturday - and livestream it all on Twitch, because what could be more amusing than setting up a powerful and expensive laser while jetlagged?

So yeah, if you’re interested, tune into twitch.tv/memnus on Saturday, noon Pacific.


Yeah!! Congrats to you. Jetlagged setup…should be interesting…lol.


Probably caffeine-fueled as well. I’m glad you got your machine–have fun!


Congratulations! Sorry you have to wait to enjoy it!

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Get home! Get cutting!

Safe travels on your journey home. :glowforge::sunglasses:

Tuning In!!

How/when did you receive your LSO training materials?

It showed up in my email the day after my tracking number, with a password-protected PDF.

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Going live in half an hour! I have had eleven hours of sleep and no caffeine, so this should be exciting. (EDIT: Assuming my connection plays nice.)

Now online! But waiting for my assistant to feed himself.

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The unboxing part was fun! The setup was … less successful. It’s stuck at the calibration stage, and I’m letting it sit and think about what it’s done while I have food.

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Let it sit a while but not a great while. 10 minutes would be overkill unless you are on dialup. It’s been a flaky week. Mine took a lot longer this morning. Didn’t seem right. Opened the lid saw the lid open status changed on the GFUI, and closed it. It immediately calibrated. Of course every comment is anecdotal since my machine is one of many.

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Thanks to advice in another thread I have the apparently-mechanical bugs worked out, but the app is stuck on “Preparing your design” when I try to print the founder’s ruler.