AAA battery dispenser

Apparently batteries are on my brain right now that I have a Glowforge I can use again :slight_smile: I have a terrible habit of picking up packs of AAA batteries when I’m pretty sure I’m out… and of course there’s always at least one unopened pack in the house. I decided I needed to do something to keep them organised.

This project was my excuse to start playing with OnShape and the various helper libraries people have made. After one false start (where I was very glad I only cut two pieces to test the fit!), I worked out how to configure everything correctly. Coming from SolveSpace, I was amazed at how pleasant and straightforward it was to work with OnShape, and I really appreciated the extra features.

Anyway, on to the photos:

And one view of the ramps inside before I closed up the front:

Overall I’m moderately happy with this piece. The fit was fairly poor still, and needed hammering to go together. I guess the good news is that it won’t come apart… ever! I should have also measured the material thickness rather than guessing, as the tabs don’t quite extend far enough for a nice smooth joint.

On the positive sides, it feels very nice and solid, holds 16 batteries, and I was incredibly impressed with OnShape and the Laser Joints plugin in particular. The final ramp to the hopper at the front had absolutely perfect and beautiful alignment, which was very pleasing. I was initially worried that my allowances around a standard AAA battery size were too small, but I couldn’t be happier with the mechanical workings!

Next up: changing two numbers in OnShape and cutting a dispenser for AA batteries…


I have had that exact same problem! I realized if I measure my material first I can save myself some headaches. But, then if I want to use a different material, I have adjust the design…

Great job! I love the battery holder. It looks a lot like a dice-tower I have, just smaller.


BTW you also accidentally made a small dice tower. I bet @HollyBrown might be interested.


Very nice…I thought the same thing…dice tower for batteries!


Oh I need that! I do the same thing. I usually watch wootdotcom, and they have a 100 battery packs every once in awhile. Nice work!

Very nice useful design! I love the ramps inside.

That is super!

Super neat design :+1:

Thanks for all the positive comments! I realised that it’s basically a dice tower once I started filling it with batteries.

I’m going to make a slight revision of the design for the AA size, so that it can be given a removable lid and I can stack the AAA holder on top. This means that the entire thing needs to be a tiny bit higher, so batteries on the top ramp don’t poke above the walls. Once that’s done, I will probably post the OnShape link (and SVGs) in the Free Laser Designs section.


Great idea

can’t say why, but I really like that the final ramp is not a solid slab.

Nice! I see dual purpose here; doubling as a nice toothpick dispenser too! :smiley:

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