Ability to upload multiple files from dashboard/catalogue - not just from external file locations

It seems I may have stumbled across what I think to be a simple yet essential feature that is missing from the GF Interface - It might just be an oversight on my part but why can I not upload multiple designs from my catalogue/dashboard onto one session to print on a single sheet of material?

I want to cut a tea-light and a living hinge iPad stand but can only open one file at a time.
I can import a file from an external source and I can open the other file in a new interface screen individually and I could copy and paste that into the first interface where the first file is but this seems long-winded and simply silly!

Is it possible to have an update with the ability to add an option to upload another file from the dashboard/catalogue into one interface/screen/session?

I think it would be very helpful and by all means, if this already exists and I’ve been a complete nitwit and missed it, I apologise but could someone direct me accordingly because I can’t see it for toffee!!

cheers all!


you should create this post in problems and support. GF staff does not monitor the other sections of the forum consistently, and they prefer suggestions be posted there to make sure they’re seen and acknowledged by GF.

and yes, i do like your idea.


Oh I see, will do - thanks!!

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