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Someone will figure out what to post here.


POST ALL THE THINGS! (Except Things that Belong in another category.)


@dan, it seems to have reset the “read” on all these posts. I have a crap ton of unread posts, all of which I’ve read before…


Didn’t change the read posts for me. Only had 10 unread and 2 new. Typical.


Same here, but you are still nearly 7,000 read posts ahead of me…


I jumped 25 unread posts (but not a thousand+, which there are in the category).

Discourse is a mystery wrapped in an enigma.


Maybe it could be possible to unsubscribe from the “Everything else” category? If it isn’t Forge related, I probably don’t need it to appear in the new posts category.


If you go to the “Everything Else” category, you can click on the circle on the top right and change it to muted. You can do this for any category. I put “Watching” for “Announcements”, so I get an email whenever there is a new announcment.


I’m so disappointed with the amount of time this is taking!!!
I’m a tech teacher and I’ve got the summer to play with new ideas and learn new things. I’ve been waiting 2 years! And now that it isn’t coming till October, in the middle of the teaching year, I won’t have time to spend on it for many months…
And I hope we don’t get another message that it will be even later once again.:frowning:️:frowning:️:frowning:️


Where are you located? There could be someone with a Glowforge near you that would be willing to let you come over to play. If not now, maybe soon! Feel free to post and get a feel for the community here. It really is a friendly group of people.


I’m in Highland , NY. Thank you!


Are there any Glowforge owners in Utah County?


Sorry I didn’t see this.
That would be me. I know another, too.


Any chance to meet you and the other person? Would be nice to talk in person about the glowforge. Thanks. Patti


You might want to remove your phone number from the forum. It’s public and www searchable.
But yes, I’ll message you.


Thank u!


I am a Canadian owner as of Oct 2016 and keep getting
delayed again from June 2018 to Oct. Are there any other
Canadians in the same predicament?


All Canadians are who can’t arrange to drive to the border and bring it back across.


Thank you for your reply.
Would you know the reason why there
is a problem shipping into Canada


We can only speculate that there are approvals for selling laser type devices in Canadian law that have not been cleared yet. (As soon as they obtain clearance they start shipping to a country.)