Abracadabra Pendants


We’ve been having a lot of fun making things on our new GlowForge. We have a bead store/jewelry boutique in Southwestern Pennsylvania, so a lot of the things we’ve been making are geared towards that. (I work with my hands a lot and over the years that has taken a toll on them. So the GlowForge is a lifesaver!) One of our latest goodies we made on our GlowForge are these Abracadabra Pendants. In making them, I experimented with paints and pigments on the finished Maple Plywood. It was interesting to see what worked and what sort of worked.

Here are the finished pendants:


Cool! :sunglasses:


My fortune telling skills say that you will be protecting a lot of people from maladies with your amulets/pendants!


I love the meaning behind this! For some people in means, “I speak what I create” or “I create what I speak” and I think that’s a beautiful message of manifestation. <3


The paint effects really transform these. Fantastic work.


Very interesting.


Oh wow, they came out great! It would be cool to see you do some lasered items on Beads Baubles & Jewels.


Oh, you know about that? LOL! I’m always surprised when folks recognize me from TV. I can talk to Katie about it, but usually they contact me. They have such a tight filming schedule and have to get the people that they have to get. Maybe they’ll ask me back for Make It Artsy, as this would be right up their alley too! There’s all kinds of possibilities with picture frames, journals, and more! My only thing is that I’d poop my pants if anything happened to my personal laser if I had to bring it to filming.


Glowforge has a grant program although I don’t know if it would cover this type of thing (usually it’s Maker faires and such), but they might be willing to help you out for the sake of the TV exposure—check into it!


ok… now your talking!!!


Neat! They look like guitar picks.


I thought that too once they were made! LOL! We tried to do a triangle with regular points, but it was a little stabby. So rounded off corners it is!


Well, they look great the way they are.