ABS Plastic- plus+ settings

So I bought this on amazon

And it took me a while to have settings but my settings are goofy because they’re weirdly specfici.
I put the settings on thin maple veener but then make it customized.
I placed the plastic 3 magnet high - I used these magnets -

Then to engrave
Speed: 1000
Power: 20
(270 LPI)

To Cut
Speed: 255
Power: 5
3 passes

It has to be raised or the plastic can fuse back to itself, whereas this way it just falls through.


Non-PG settings can only be posted in the Beyond the Manual section. Im going to move this over there for you, but if you’d rather edit out the settings just let me know and I’ll move it back. :blush:


Cool - I have seen folks talk about doing a quick 2nd run across the dual colour acrylic to get the white to be truly white, but it looks like you’ve managed to get the true white on one engrave. Nicely done :slight_smile:

Those magnets are right near the limit of messing with the print head, but more to the point are unnecessary for what you are doing. If you pass a thin screwdriver above them at the height of the head and you can feel the pull then they are too strong.

The settings of speed and power are the same settings at any thickness so if they work raised up they will still work sitting on the crumb tray.

As you have noticed the thickness is different but if you use the Set Focus that will set the focus to the thickness it is and set the image correctly to match your design.

I think her point is that the acrylic is soft and will re-fuse if it’s not removed right away. Certainly worth a test!

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Yeah, I set it to the veener because I do a bunch of projects and typing in thickness is unnecessary if its being heightened anyway. Like I said at the beginning, its just a weird way I’ve decided to do it, if you want to get the plastic and sort out settings yourself then be my guest.
The magnets are to add height so that the plastic can fall as it cuts. If its not raised, then it melts back into itself. Idk I havent really had issues raising it with magnets this high, but I suppose I could try it with spare 3mm wood.

Yeah, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. I use super high power magnets all the time without issue. I need a tool to lever them off the bed if they are in direct contact.

I did too, and got away with it, until suddenly I couldn’t anymore and the air assist failed whenever it passed over a magnet, and then failed altogether. That machine had to go back to the mother ship. Did it fail because of the magnets, or did the magnets affect it because it was already failing? I dunno. I’m not taking chances, now that I’m out of warranty. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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That would be smartest.