AC Infinity 6" in-line fan

Hi all,
Can someone who has the AC Infinity 6" in-line fan do me a favor… I need to know if the area where the cord enters the control box on the body of the fan is supposed to be sealed or if your device looks like mine in the picture below. There is a gap between where the cord enters and it is allowing odor to leak from the fan. I just want to know if they are all like this?

Thanks in advance.

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This is what mine looks like:

Thanks. I don’t have the model with the thermostat, which is what I am assuming is the second wire entering the box in your photo. Regardless, I have a leak at that cord location and now I need to figure out a way to plug it up.

Thanks again for the help.

A lot of booster fans are leaky, I just used a bead of caulk finished with a fingertip to seal mine. I had to run a bead around all of the seams. Mine is not the same fan, but the principal applies.


I just filled that area with some silicone sealer, hopefully that fixes the problem. Thanks for the suggestion.


I have the one with the speed control attached, so dual cord like Manfredo’s pic. It has some slop in it even with the two cables.


Here is my solution to the leak from this area where the cord enters the small control box. I could feel air moving out of this area while the machine was running. This was filled from the inside with silicone sealant. No more smell from this area. The small black control box still leaks around the edges where the front plate is attached. The gasket that comes with the Infinity fan is not good. I’m working on a solution for that.

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