AC Infinity or nothing

I have had my forge for just under a week now. Anyone who Is on the fence About buying an AC Infinity inline Exhaust system STOP THINKING IT OVER!!! BUY ONE. I assumed people were exaggerating the benefits and the difference. If anything they are understating how awesome it is.


That’s awesome that you’re liking it.

I think success depends on a few things here, I believe they are slightly overrrated with glowforge pro models, because removing the fan is so difficult. The best case for an AC type fan is going to be to get rid of that terrible stock exhaust fan.

Being able to run the fan after the job is definitely a nice perk, I wish glowforge would let us set that duration.

As for noise, I had similar sound reduction by using insulated duct as I had with an AC s6, and the duct was far simpler.


lets face it, the GF fan sounds like two 747’s ‘doin it’


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I tried both insulated ducting and a duct silencer with the stock fan in the beginning. They made it a little quieter, but neither one eliminated the high pitch sound of the stock fan that carried multiple houses away down my street. I was always worried about a neighbor calling in a noise ordinance complaint. No such problem when switching to an AC Infinity S6. Much quieter, and lower in frequency too. Can’t hear it outside the house at all.

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is the ‘blue’ area the ‘passthru’ ?


Yes, I have some painter’s tape over the slot. I’d use the Pro Shield but since that lives on the inside side of the door, it gets covered by resin from burning MDF very quickly and I hate handling it to remove/replace it and getting the brown gunk all over my fingers.

“Nod” maybe a rubber flap - like they use in walk in freezers?
(I also pretend I am going thru a car wash)

There is a rubber flap there. Smell still gets through because it isn’t air tight and the air assist is blowing directly into it.


fun (NOT) hmmm… what about a fan like they use in banks and casinos at the doors to keep air inside. a ‘air wall’

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