Accesorizing the shockingly good sign

So what do you get the girl that has a cool lit sign for her committee? I figured she needed some accessories to wear while displaying the sign. So I decided to try one of those union-ing the text to make a single cut path. So I took the graphic from the sign, and unionized the text (I had to put in a few extra cuts as on a sans-serif font, some of the letters like the I disappeared (and of course the dot on the i was detached, so required a manual edit)

I give you “shock within 2 minutes earrings” out of :proofgrade: medium orange and some basic earring hooks from Michaels (full disclosure I know nothing about jewelry)


Way to make it fun for her!


Action shot:


This is fantastic! :joy:


If you look closely you will see I had to put a small notch between the i and n to separate the letters. I had thought about scoring them but was worried it would be too fragile at that size


Great job! If the doctor thing doesn’t work out you can go into the jewelry business. :laughing:


My worry when making jewelry, especially earrings, is that I will make it too large for anyone to want to wear it. I notice that yours is quite wide, because of the text design (which is a great design, BTW. Please don’t think this is a criticism–I’m looking for feedback for my own designs). Is that something you worry about? If so, how do you reconcile that with larger designs? Some designs simply can’t be made smaller without being virtually (or literally) unusable.
Having said that, I know that some larger earrings are popular right now, but they are also not made of 1/8" acrylic or plywood.

Having never worn an earring I have no sense of what size is unwearable. Certainly a valid concern. They are so incredibly light I don’t think it was a problem for Bridgid to wear. (she said they were fine). The biggest challenge is how to get the text to face the right way (since I don’t have swivel hooks from Michaels - and if I did, they would likely spin around )

I was also worried that they have some sharp points. But I think because they are so light it’s not an issue.

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I worry more about what is fashionable, but I have also only my wife’s opinion to go by, mostly. And she doesn’t wear some of the larger styles, hence me asking. Weight is also a concern, but I have never had any complaints about that, regardless of the size I’ve made them. When I get a chance, maybe I’ll post some of the ones I’ve made, on a different thread.

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