Accessory Kit Pro


I see a couple line items were added to my Pro with Filter order. :slight_smile:


Nice spotting, I had’t noticed that. No filter but yes I see the accessory kit and starter pack now too.


My guess is the accessory kit is the crumb tray / lens tool / vent hose / etc. and the starter pack is the Proofgrade package.


I wouldn’t bet against that guess :smile:



Cool, I see that on mine now too…makes me feel better that something is happening on my order. That it’s in Queue.



michael, i really don’t think you should try to cut that in me.





We haven’t seen any evidence that the Flux capacitor or the Interocitor even exist yet so I doubt they will ship on time, or even ever.


"Place the intensifier disk into the right-hand control and rotate it 18 degrees counter-clockwise."
— GF Interociter setting for maple ply.


Ha Ha! That is excellent work my friend :wink:


Here’s hoping for an email from @Rita soon. :glowforge: :glowforge:


The Pro accessory kit has the safety glasses now too.