Accuracy in Glowforging :glowforge: - aka Waiting of Snapmarks

So Koptis (my :glowforge: ) has been patiently awaiting for attention (been a while since he got to do something).

Noticing that Snapmarks are still and beta, but not out to everyone, had to revert to a paper jig design.

Koptis is dead on for repeated cuts (around 10) to minimize material consumption:

The mylar diffusing filter squares are 12" x 12", but the LED lighting is a round 8" housing and I have LED lighting bars that need 2" strips that can be made out of the scrap (another project to gear up for :smirk: ) This requires minimal waste by placing the circle as close to 2 edges.

So you can see how close the mylar is at the jig layout. The black gap is because the internal paper circle has bumped around with the 9 previous cuts and gets a little shaved of each time.

Now the GUI interface has not been adjusted for positioning (between cuts), but the display is all over the place between cuts as seen below:




Now the burn goes with dead one accuracy:

With this post picture:

And the detail close-ups:

With the 8" mylar circle removed details:


So Koptis (well Glowforge :glowforge: ) is extremely accurate when jigged, but the GUI definitely needs those Snapmarks!

Looking forward to making use of them.


Yep, that looks great! (And happy Cakeday!) :wink:


Thanks @Jules !

Hard to believe that 3 years have gone by.


Happy Cake Day! Yes, it’s been a very educational three years … hope that never stops!

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