Achievement Unlocked: Tile Etching

If we had only thought of the stock option when the original post was made. Lol

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Dry erase markers actually use a grainy powder. I wonder if it might have shown up clearer with a Sharpie?

Off track: That’s why you can erase permanent marker from a smooth, nonporous service by scribbling over it with a dry erase marker and then erasing the scribbles. The fine powder acts like a polisher. (It’s how I got my daughter’s masterpiece off the regrigerator door…)


I’d like to find some white tiles for etching that are smooth-backed (not ridged). I’m having a heck of a time finding any that aren’t upwards of $3 a piece.

Anyone have a suggestion?

A $0.19 tile and a belt sander?


How about two and some super glue?

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I made a frame from one layer in the back and an open square if you don’t want the back to show…

Alternatively you could get a flat tile from one of those “Paint-a-frog” ceramic shops and laser it with your design before giving it back for final firing. I have not yet tried it but plan something similar.

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