Acoustic/Dust enclosure for both Glowforge and Shapeoko?

Trying to figure out how to get everything in my shop and was thinking of building an all-in-one enclosure that could hold the shapeoko on bottom, glowforge on top. The two would be separated internally for dust. I know there’s plenty of info on shapeoko enclosures. I just wonder if anyone here has attempted to quiet down their GF or something similar.

I plan on using the pass-thru ability of both devices extensively, so I have to leave a slot open in the front and back for that feature. The Bora rollers I’m using can adjust in height from 22"-36" which gives me just enough flexibility to provide support to both devices, if they were on top of one another.

Then again, maybe I don’t want 300lbs worth $10,000 all on one cart? But that would give me the biggest flexibility.

Thanks for any advice.

You may already know this, but because lots of people get this wrong…

The “egg crate” style foam does not stop sound, it stops sound reverberating.

Want you want is the thick foam often sold as acoustic dampening for cars.

It is marginally more expensive but does a much, much better job of stopping sound passing through than the egg create style.

Just an FYI…


I use a simple inline muffler. The external sound is almost nothing. Even with the thin walls and insulation of having it in an RV, I’ve had no one raise concerns in areas that people appreciate and expect quiet.

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